The Syskomp lifter is our ideal complement for your production: It uses the electric box lifter to put the work materials in an ergonomic position.

Reduce casualties thanks to the use of the box lifter. Our box lifter helps the worker with an ergonomic working height. With a correct sequence of movement in the workplace, muscle, back and articulations pains are prevented, as well as circulation problems.

Nuestros pequeños dispositivos de elevación de la serie 2000/2300 tienen una carga máxima de 2000 N y permiten trabajar con una altura de elevación de hasta 1.000 mm (KLT-Lifter 2000) o 1,300 mm (KLT-Lifter 2300).

Our small lifting devices of the 2000/2300 series have a maximum load of 2000 N and can work with a height of up to 1,000 mm (KLT-Lifter 2000) or 1,300 mm (KLT-Lifter 2300).

The lifter can load from different directions.

Arsam distributes Syskomp in Spain


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