Stringo manufactures the leading vehicle transporter worldwide

Arsam focuses on products that contribute to safety and order in the industrial sector.

Using a Stringo vehicle conveyor increases safety and makes the mobility of vehicles easier and more convenient without the need to start the engine, and thus avoid gases in confined spaces, such as factories, warehouses, etc.

Companies from sectors such as the automotive industry and workshops of different types can choose a vehicle transporter to satisfy their needs.

We work together with Stringo to market the leading vehicle transporter worldwide. We operate in Spain and Portugal, as well as in Morocco, which means that we will be closer to our customers, guaranteeing a technical service throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

We look to the future incorporating new technologies and products that facilitate work in industries. Stringo is an ideal complement to offer logistics solutions, while safe and ergonomic in the automotive sector, and its employees.


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