Mc Cue starts his story in 1988 with the creation of rails to stop the shopping carts. The evolution of the company leads to the protection in warehouses, both for the commodity and for the people.

Develop projects and solutions tailored to the needs of the client. The future of harm prevention comes with McCue.

The bollards and flexible guardrails absorb the energy of the impact, do not need to be painted and maintenance is simple.

Meet the McCue range and its features.

La gama se compone de Bolardos FlexCore, sistemas de vallas modulares, protectores de columnas, sistemas de vallas para peatones, postes para entradas y más.

The range consists of FlexCore bollards, modular fencing systems, column guards, pedestrian fence systems, entry poles and more.

Its difference from other manufacturers:

    • Products that absorb the energy of direct impacts, such as airbags in cars.
    • The assembly system is integrated, so there are no visible nuts, which can hinder the road.
    • It does not need painting.


  • The products are tested to check their absorption, firmness and deviation


McCue is perfect for any angle. Consult us and we will find the solution to your need.


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