Cogsdill Tool Products, Inc. and its filial in the United Kingdom, Cogsdill Nuneaton, Ltd., design and manufacture special tools for the machining industry

Tools and burnishing machines (and diamond burnishing tools), for the size, finish and hardened in seconds.
The tools of deburring and facing in reverse, and the elimination of the burr on both sides of the drilled hole in a step.

Shefcut precision reamers and precision boring tools, for exact measurements, fine finishes, and superior hole geometry.

ZX systems, for boring, facing, and contouring operations in one step.

Perform difficult machining work, and eliminate moorings and second operations. Produce pieces of better quality, with a faster and cheaper production. Standard, tools in stock, custom tool design; assistance for engineering applications; worldwide support and service. Cogsdill is distributed in Spain by Suministros Arsam.

botek stock program
botek stock program
botek stock program

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