Botek was founded in 1974 by three entrepreneurs as an association, with the intention of producing and developing single flute gun drill.

The results achieved with the single flute gun drill, especially in series production, mean that the usual finishing with deburring is no longer necessary. No tool is capable of producing holes with the same quality in one step. Thanks to this, they positioned themselves in the leadership when the industrial demand of deep drilling tools soared.

Today, they develop and manufacture tools to meet the customers’ deep drilling demands. Botek works to find the best solution for each client and continues with its development.

The confidence placed in an expert team and the advanced innovative technologies takes them to the head in this type of tools. Its main objective is: Constantly Improve! This motto leads to continuous improvement on a day-to-day basis.

Customer satisfaction is the stamp of the brand, thanks to the absolute quality in its production and service.

High precision for unexpected depths

Product range:

  • Deep drilling processes: Deep drilling processes have the characteristic that the coolant is supplied through the cooling hole in the tool and exits along the chips in the form V of the tip of the drill bit. The coolant also provides lubrication in the periphery of the drill bit.
  • BTA system. It is a deep drilling system for special deep drilling machines with external cooling supply and internal chip evacuation (single tube system). Necessary to supply the refrigerant to the piece and for the sealing of the process in the piece and the bar of boring, the system BTA requires a head pressure (BOZA).
  • Ejector System. It is a variation of the BTA system that is applied in conventional machine tools and machining centers. The coolant is introduced via an annular space between the drill bit and the inner tube (double tube system). The coolant exits on the side of the drill head, flows around and returns to the inner tube together with the chips. No sealing is necessary.

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