For more than 70 years, LISTA has been the European leader in furniture for storage and workspace, providing its clients with an overall vision and order.

Wide selection of cabinets, workstations and shelving systems that can be combined freely to form the perfect solution for your space.

The standard element of LISTA is the basic component of a system in which infinite modular products can be combined. Cabinets, desks or shelving systems can be freely configured, divided independently, intelligently labeled or protected with access control systems. In addition, the range of colors is almost unlimited, to match the decoration of the environment.

The LISTA products are always one step ahead. Committed to meet the needs of its customers with customized solutions, regardless of the size of the project and the sector in question. Its universal system and extensive planning experience make expectations come true quickly and reliably.

Cuando te decides a adquirir productos LISTA, la confianza depositada se te ve recompensada con una solución durable y sostenible. La garantía exclusiva de 10 años para productos y repetición de pedidos pone de manifiesto la filosofía LISTA. Sólo se procesan materiales de la mejor calidad y todos los productos se fabrican en Suiza o en Alemania y se suministran a cliente a través de una amplia red de distribución y servicio.

When you decide to purchase LISTA products, your trust is rewarded with a long-lasting and sustainable solution. The exclusive 10-year guarantee for products and repetition of orders reveals the LISTA philosophy. Only the best quality materials are processed and all products are manufactured in Switzerland or Germany and are supplied to the customer through a wide distribution and service network.

LISTA products are used today by more than 100,000 satisfied customers in various business areas.

In short, LISTA can offer you a system that allows you to organize your business successfully.



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