Ergomat is the world’s number one manufacturer of anti-fatigue mats.

Its extensive experience combined with its broad product range in the line of ergonomic anti-fatigue mats enables us to offer a comprehensive lean solution in ergonomics and safety that meets the customer’s needs. The product line includes: Durastripe marking tapes, Ergomat anti-fatigue flooring, Ergoperfect ergonomic chairs, as well as personal protection with belts, wristbands, knee pads, etc.

The anti-fatigue mats of Ergomat are divided into two main families: dry areas and wet areas. Both integrate lean solutions for all workstations. Suministros Arsam has been supplying Ergomat for many years, with great satisfaction from those customers who have tested its high quality.

LED solutions for production and security

Some of Ergomat’s solutions are illuminated. They have incorporated a proprietary LED system in mats, signs and guards to improve safety and visibility in various assembly, repair and quality stations. For those critical points, DuraStripe interactive marker lights have been incorporated to warn, for example, when a pedestrian or forklift is about to turn a corner with poor visibility.

Infinite customisation

Sometimes standard products are simply not enough or the size doesn’t quite fit. Ergomat offers a myriad of customised options, all-inclusive project management, or innovative strategies adapted for all workplaces.

By responding to the different situations and requirements of our customers we achieve a wide range of dynamic, user-oriented and innovative products for the industrial market. There is a solution for every problem and with Ergomat we can help you to improve safety and ergonomics in your production plants.



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