Aiwa is a manufacturer of low foam plastic extrusion molding products mainly used in logistics and production processes (kitting boxes, trolleys and many other logistics furniture) as protective material with the objective of protecting the materials from damage, offering an ergonomic and flexible benefit due to its high strength, lightness and ease of machining, assembly and welding.

Since 1970 Aiwa produces mainly low foam extrusion products. In the future, for the conversation of the environment, the importation of wood will be restricted, so extrusions will be a good substitute for it.

Compared with wood, it is more resistant to shock, it does not break, does not rot and resists oils. In addition, it can be easily washed.

Aiwa boards, made from PE, PS y PP, are easy to process, like wood, can be cut, drilled with a drill, screwed or carved with wooden tools.

At present, we are developing products using recycled container wrap materials.

Dura Wood (PE), is a synthetic wood, an extrusion molded product made of polyethylene as its raw and foamed approximately twice.


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