j. lanfranco

J.Lanfranco & Cie is a company dedicated to the manufacture of high-performance metal fasteners. They have a team to advise and develop the client’s needs.

The objective of the Lanfranco nuts is to offer an effective and quality solution to customers in critical safety fastening joints, meeting the needs and adding value to their own products.

All the nuts have been manufactured following the quality standards of the industry and passing the controls for an exhaustive quality control. The stamp, stamped on each of the nuts, indicates that it meets the manufacturing and quality requirements of the company.

Lanfranco produces mainly for the following sectors: Mining and processing, Ferrovial and transport, Energy, Military and Industrial.

The product range includes: All-metal locknuts, nylon insert locknuts, clinch nuts and inserts, modular fixturing, bolt products and washers.

What advantages does it offer? The quality of the materials, their resistance to corrosion and simplicity in installation. Its quality is perceived in the resistance to vibration, shock and impact, as well as abrasion.

At Arsam we are committed to high-quality products, for this reason, we distribute J. Lanfranco in Spain.


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