Markal is a manufacturer of high-performance manual products for industrial marking over 80 years.
Its wide range of products ranges from markers for industrial use, temperature indicators, chemicals for plumbing, etc., which are used in the following industries: metal production, shipbuilding, automotive assembly, welding and metal fabrication, construction real estate, and wood processing, among many others.

Markal’s product range is divided into the following families:

  • Markers from liquid paint. Permanent and temporary paint in multiple sizes and colors, among which is a range of certified colors for the nuclear industry and for applications that require a corrosion-resistant marking.
  • Ink markers. Immediate marking and drying. Ideal for any workplace, factory, as well as warehouses and logistics departments.
  • Solid paint markers. These markers combine the durability of the paint with the convenience of a pencil, which makes it a very useful tool in the manufacture and production of metals, welding, and construction work among many other industrial applications.
  • Solid paint markers for high-temperature surfaces. Perfect for marking in extreme temperatures. Allows marking on very hot parts in a durable way without discoloration or cracking. Recommended for marking on coils, metal rods, bars, ingots, and plates.
  • Markers for welding. Markers for welding produce durable and visible markings, ensuring no contamination or welding damage.
  • Temperature indicators. Simple to use bars that melt quickly when applied when the surface reaches the temperature set in the package. This guarantees fast and precious results always, without the need for calibration.
  • Markers for wood. Economical and efficient, wood markers allow marking on wet, dry or rough wood. Pencils for use with scanners have been specifically designed to reduce reading errors and improve efficiency.
  • Markers for all use. They offer great flexibility of use since they can be used in different surfaces and practically in any industry and sector, from automotive to construction.

Consult us the application for which you need marking and we will advise you. Arsam is Markal’s official distributor in Spain.




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