stumpf metall

Stumpf Metall was born in the mid-80s with the manufacture of containers. At the end of 1989, company founder Johann A. Stumpf determined the future focus and core competence of Stumpf Metall by defining the “color code” for various waste fractions.

The company was the first to launch waste collectors on the market in 1990 that were to make the collection of different types of waste visually easier by using different colours.

The range has been developed with passion and ingenuity, giving rise to an extensive collection of selective collection systems according to the sector or location that the client needs.

From 2018, the product lines were redefined and divided into three parts for clearer allocation. Since then they have been:

  • Waste separation with system
  • Environmental and functional cabinets
  • STM – Stainless steel products

The own catalog of Stumpf Metall lets us see his clear positioning in relation to the sector of Environment, not only manufacturing products for the respect of the same, but making a sustainable manufacturing of them. His respect for nature begins with the use of steel as the main material. Steel can be recycled infinitely without losing quality.


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