Menzerna has spent decades accumulating knowledge in formulation and production technology in polishing components, covering all areas of mechanical polishing.

His extensive knowledge of the commodity markets and development of partnerships with major customers and high-performance material manufacturers ensures his position as an industrial leader.

En el sector de la Automoción, donde Arsam tiene gran experiencia, encontrarás productos para fabricantes de automóviles, talleres de chapa y pintura, proveedores de componentes para automoción, etc.

Arsam belongs to Menzerna’s extensive network of worldwide distributors in the most relevant markets.

Menzerna operates in five market sectors: Automotive, Cabinetmaking, Industry, Crafts, Jewelry.

In the automotive sector, where Arsam has great experience, you will find products for car manufacturers, paint shops, suppliers of automotive components, etc.

In each of the sectors Menzerna offers years of experience, as well as specific products.

The Menzerna product line is composed of the following products: brighteners, solid compounds, polishing emulsions, as well as consulting services.

All the products of the brand are focused on meeting the needs of industrial and professional customers. You will find a wide range of formulations available in different types of packaging as well as accessories certified by Menzerna.


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