gs ace

Since GS ACE Industry Co, Ltd started its activity in 1993, it has grown as a leading company specialized in the production of Modular Systems with pipes.

Based on its extensive experience in the automotive, aeronautical and electronic sectors, GS ACE distributes its tubular system in more than 40 countries around the world. Spain, Portugal, and North Africa are represented by Suministros Arsam.
The GS ACE system is very versatile thanks to its wide product range, which consists of pipes, metal joints, plastic joints, roller tracks, accessories, and casters. Thanks to the wide range of products that Arsam has, it can offer its customers customized lean solutions for each of their needs.

In Suministros Arsam we have a team specialized in lean management that can perform any project that the client needs. We can offer advice, design, and construction of a piece that you need, as well as parts, so the client can make the assembly that he wants.

At present, Suministros ARSAM is a reference provider for the leading multinationals in our country.

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