ESD antistatic products
Discover our ESD products for industry

ESD stands for “Electrostatic Discharge”. Since when working with electronic, electrical and electromechanical components there is always a risk that their function may be affected or even destroyed by electrostatic discharges, it is necessary to work in environments with protection against these events. Therefore, there are different ESD solutions for industries.

ESD clamping tools

Screwdrivers with ESD protection


The ESD screwdrivers have been specially designed for operation in electrostatic areas, and where ESD-safe mounting is required (specifications according to EN 100 015).

The supplied conductive pressure hose allows direct and simple grounding without the need for an additional connection cable.


ESD-protected enclosures


The complete ESD work programme from LISTA. LISTA offers comprehensive ESD planning and implementation from consulting to installation in order to avoid economic losses.

LISTA has combined its many years of experience in workplace development with its knowledge of the ESD problem and has developed a comprehensive ESD workplace programme.


ESD-protected mats


Ergomat offers a range of mats with static dissipative properties. These mats are rated by the speed at which static charge is conducted away from an individual through the mat or an earthed item.

The faster the charge dissipates, the greater the protection these mats offer to sensitive equipment or potentially volatile conditions.

ESD Boxes

ESD-protected containers


iMilani, a leading brand in the production of plastic enclosures, has a range of ESD conductive enclosures for the safe storage and transport of sensitive electronic components. Conductive polypropylene is a high quality plastic material, perfect for protection against electrostatic discharge, and is also lightweight and wear resistant.


ESD-protected tapes


Durastripe offers a range of marking tapes with different print patterns for ESD zones.

These designs are available in different widths: 5cm, 7.5cm and 10cm. A range of warning signs in different shapes and sizes is also available.


Lean with ESD antistatic protection


GS ACE: the Korean manufacturer has added the most common ESD references to its catalogue.

Create your own structure with tubes and fittings (NI fittings, nickel plated without chrome, suitable for ESD applications), roller tracks, guides, feet for EPA zones.


Aiwa: complete your structure with the versatility offered by the ESD version of Durawood plates.

Durawood allows you to create any shape easily. Machining, screwing and finishing will not be an impediment when it comes to manufacturing boxes, protectors, surfaces, etc.