Ergomat is the number one in the manufacture of ergonomic mattings in the world.

His wide experience combined with his wide range of product in the line of ergonomic mattings allows offering an integral lean solution in ergonomics and security that responds to the needs of the client. The product line includes: Dura Stripe marking tapes, ergonomic Ergomat matings, Ergo Perfect ergonomic chairs, as well as personal protection with sashes, wrist straps, knee pads, etc.

Ergomat ergonomic mattings are divided into two large families, dry areas and wet areas, which in turn integrate lean solutions for all jobs. Suministros Arsam has been supplying Ergomat in Spain and Portugal for many years, with great satisfaction from those customers who have proven their quality.

LED solutions for production and security.

Some Ergomat solutions are lit literally. They have incorporated their own LED system in carpets and protectors to improve the lighting profile in various assembly, repair and quality positions. To provide more safety at critical points, lights have been incorporated into DuraStripe signaling and interactive.

Unlimited customization.

Sometimes the standard products are simply not enough, or the measurement does not fit at all. Ergomat offers endless personalized options, all-inclusive project management, or innovative strategies for jobs.

Responding to the different situations and requirements of our customers, we obtain a wide dynamic catalog, oriented to the user and innovator for the industrial market. There is an answer to every problem, and with Ergomat we can help you find it.

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