Deprag is the leading manufacturer of solutions in screw technology, automation solutions, pneumatic motors and pneumatic tools.

The history of the family business Deprag Schulz GmbH & amp; CO, goes back to the founding of the company Bavarian Rifle Factory in the year 1801. Since its inception the company was recognized in those times for its combination of knowledge, experience and development. This experience was used in the production of tools, measuring gauges and machinery when the company was integrated into the conglomerate “Deutsche Werke” in 1918. From this union the engineer Otto Schulz created Deutsche Präzisionswerkzeuge AG and started the production of manual pneumatic tools.

During the 50s and 60s the international expansion of the company began, reaching a key point with the founding in 1981 of the subsidiary Deprag Inc. in the USA.

Currently, after more than 85 years, DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH & amp; CO is run by the third generation of the Shulz-Hallmann family and the Pfeiffer family and has production plants in Germany, the Czech Republic and China as well as subsidiaries in France, Sweden, the USA and the United Kingdom. An extensive network of distributors expands its presence worldwide.

Deprag is a provider of high quality tools and solutions in the following areas:

  •  Solutions in bolting technology, which benefit from the high precision of the mechanical clutch and the robust design of all the screwdrivers including screwdrivers with current consumption control and screwdrivers with torque transducer and angle of rotation. The perfection in the screwing is the guide of Deprag taking it to be one of the leading brands in the market.
  • Solutions in automation. The experience in assembly technology has led Deprag to be a provider of first class solutions, such as measuring instruments, controllers, and particularly screw feeders capable of adapting to both manual and automatic stations and providing specific and customized solutions for all customers. All this makes Deprag a provider where to find the complete solution.
  • Pneumatic motors, whose importance as a driving element remains of great relevance. As a leader in this field, Deprag is a supplier of an extensive and versatile program for the most diverse applications, from the food industry to medical technology.
  • Pneumatic tools such as grinders, drills, threading machines, hammers, polishers, with the highest rank of reliability and ergonomics.

Suministros Arsam is the distributor of DEPRAG in Spain and Portugal.


Product line

Adaptive DFS

stationary use screwdrivers

  • electric
  • electronic
  • pneumatic

manual use screwdrivers

  • electric
  • electronic
  • pneumatic
  • pneumatic screwdrivers for special applications

feeding systems for tools




measurement tools


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