Beagle optimizes processes in companies with an intelligent transport system and improving worker performance.

The 360-drive conveyor is versatile and offers more features than traditional conveyors. The Beagle Mobility 360-drive is compact, it is directed within a meter and even in an elevator can move around its axis. In addition, it can be used in special logistics services and special messengers.

With the battery pack, you can drive 35 km per day. The 360-drive can also be used in logistics services for transporting heavy or delicate packages where loads have to be transported over long distances.

It provides ergonomics to the worker because he can carry out the loading and unloading without having to get off the conveyor. The coupling or uncoupling of the platform is what differentiates Beagle from conventional conveyors.

Beagle mobility is distributed in Spain by Arsam.

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