Automatic tool dispensers

The family of MATRIX automatic tool dispensers with its exclusive management software can help you in the following aspects:

  • Reduce costs
  • Guarantee production performance
  • Optimize the stock level
  • Streamline purchases
  • Control the unit cost (CPU)
  • Select the correct tool for each job

The range of cabinets is complete, to adapt to any need


MAXI follows the lead with a great capacity, with a surprisingly small base and an elegant and ergonomic design. Its drawers and compartments have a secure electronic lock.


MINI can be placed almost anywhere, either on a workbench, a MATRIX trolley or a DLS 4D. Its drawers and compartments have a secure electronic lock.


Modular system of compartments. It is perfect for tools and products in general of large size. In addition, it has multiple options of doors and compartments.


Economical solution with divisions of flexible drawers, according to the size of the pieces. It has 8 or 4 drawers with secure electronic lock.

ToolPort 8D/4D

For inserts and small tools..

100% Control

100% Accountable.

Models with 8 and 4 drawers.

More information about Matrix

If you want more information, download the brochure

The MATRIX Touch Software is managed through an easy-to-use touch screen to select and return items:

  • For MAXI, MINI, DLS and Kardex carousels models (depending on model).
  • Search for articles by group, text, number, application, image and favorites
  • Control of access to tools by user group, work, piece, budget, etc …
  • Quick access to alternative or related articles
  • Connects with the electronic catalog and tool selection applications.
  • Shopping cart for quick selection of multiple items.
  • Missing alerts and stock discrepancies.
  • A single database for multiple sites and cabinets.

MATRIX Management Software is a complete application to manage the entire stock of tools, calibres and products in general, whether they are in a MATRIX cabinet or in a conventional warehouse:

  • Total maintenance of items and suppliers, including prices, stock levels, location, technical data and consumption history.
  • Complete set of Standard and Advanced Reports
  • View and save in Excel, HTML, PDF and other formats
  • Mobile format
  • Automatic delivery by mail
  • Sophisticated planning engine that guarantees maximum availability with minimum stock.
  • Analyzer and Analytics control panel that offers a review of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Tool and CPU Duration Calculator
  • Tracking serial numbers and gauges
  • Export / Import with ERP systems
  • Automatic calculation of replacement and purchase points
  • Tool set training
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Link photos and documents to articles
  • Manage the sharpening process
  • Exclusive mobile application
  • Job planning reserving the necessary tools
  • Generate custom reports.


Tool Management in the palm of your hand!

The MATRIX application manages warehouses and deposits of traditional tools

  • Registers transactions using the Wi-Fi connection with the MATRIX database on the network
  • Compatible with all Android devices, preferably if they have an integrated 1D / 2D scanner scanner
  • Requires MATRIX software v6.5 or higher



Always the Best Tool for Every Job!

  • MATRIX Pouch can read Balluff chips from adapters
  • Transmits data strings of set pieces to MATRIX
  • Quick access to error reports of approved tools
  • Compatible with the most common types and sizes of adapters
  • Requires MATRIX software v6.5 or higher



100% Visibility Anywhere in the Workshop

  • The MATRIX Real-Time Location System tracks production assets that move through the workshop
  • Reduce the time to locate production assets
  • Increase the use of production assets
  • Easy to implement

The IoT Hardware includes:

  • Beacon BLE (Bluetooth low energy) – linked to each tracked asset – transmits a signal with a unique ID
  • Entry – installed in each location, either machine or tool magazine – receives the signal from the beacon and transmits it to MATRIX
  • Tracking → Gauges; Measurement systems; Test Equipment, Production Accessories, etc.

Requires MATRIX software v6.5 or higher



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