Makita is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power tools. It offers the widest range of power tools, with more than 500 high-quality models and the most advanced technology.

The range of tools is composed of: battery tools, hammers, drills, impact wrenches and tools, heat guns, shears, grinders, cutters, diamond cutters, sanding and brushing, saws, multitool, milling, vacuum cleaners and blowers, levels and laser level, pneumatics and gas systems, generators, combos.

His passion for technology has led him to create tools that help both ergonomically and productively work.

Makita technologies:

BRUSHLESS BL MOTOR: The efficient production of energy produced by the BL motors, the amount of work in each battery charge is increased.

AVT ANTIVIBRATION TECHNOLOGY:Minimize the vibrations that come from the tool.

LXT LITHIUM-ION TECHNOLOGY: They offer high performance at work thanks to their high energy density and low self-discharge.

4 STROKES MAKITA MINI MOTOR: they have a high efficiency in the reduction of fuel consumption, as well as in the reduction of exhaust gas emissions.

DXT PRECISION AND EXACT CUTTING TECHNOLOGY: to obtain more precise and exact cuts thanks to the different mechanisms that this miter saw have.

MAKPOWER: it is an electrical protection system against accidental overloads.

SJS TECHNOLOGY: The Super Joint System eliminates the shocks produced by accidental blockages of the disc during cutting or roughing.




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