Ekatec-GmbH was founded in 2005. The main activity of Ekatec is the optimization of the assembly processes, turning them into a specialist supplier in providing solutions to the assembly and screwing problems.

Numerous car manufacturers are using Ekatec’s solutions worldwide because it has a wide range of products that covers the following products:

  • Crowfeet, characterized by its long service life, precision and short cycle times. Ekatec supports its clients during the development phase with the contribution of studies thanks to 3D design tools. Within this product family Ekatec has:
    • Crowfoot of 3,5 y 7 wheels
    • Open crowfoot of 3 and 5 wheels
    • In-line open crowfoot of 3 and 5 wheelsCrowfoot with Hold & Drive function
    • Double-headed crowfoot.
    • Special designs under request
  • Sockets, headers, puntas de atornillado.:
    • Hold & Drive for offset screwdriver
    • Hold & Drive overload protection
    • Spindle guide
    • Sockets (various geometries, with or without magnet)
    • Spring-mounted combination sockets
    • Offset head 110°
    • Special designs under request
  • Covertec, or protections to avoid damage to painted parts during the assembly process. Damage to the paint during the assembly process is recognized as a cost factor in the automotive industry. The purpose of the development of Covertec was to offer a complete and entire system for the avoidance of lacquer damages during the assembly process and not only isolated single solutions. Within the Covertec family, Ekatec offers the following products:
    • Covertec bitholder
    • Covertec bit
    • Covertec bit replacement sleeves
    • Covertec sockets
    • Covertec sockets replacement sleeves
    • Covertec tool bag
    • Covertec carrying case
    • Special designs under request.

Suministros Arsam is a distributor of Ekatec for Spain and Portugal.

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